Are you our new Ambassador?  


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Are you our new Ambassador?

We wish to cover larger areas and reach more communities with the words of Grailum coin. For this we open up the opportunity to hire you as our freelance ambassador for Grailum coin.  

Work are a paid per job on weekly basic where you send us your report of your activities for review approval and payment.

Salary will vary from 10 to 1000 GXM per done activity depending on the quality of your work, type, placement and response.


Bonus packet

If you after a full one month manage to get a salary more than 30,000GXM you will be honored with a Boottrader package of 25,000GXM in our Bitboots program and a permanent VIP status with daily earning level of 2.5% and commission on 9%.


If you are interested, have a well placed head and a good English linguistic knowledge please send us a ticket for contact and we will return more details to you. 



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Description Freelance Ambassador


First I want to thank you for showing interest in our coin by being here.

I hope you can become part of the team as our outsourcing freelance Ambassador and create great results that will benefit our all and the future of Grailum coin.

The success of Grailum coin all ends up on the effort we all put into it and the interest and response from the community.

Key essence:
Get more people involved.
Get more people to talk about it.
Make it visible in any distant corner.

We can possible not by our self get the words out everywhere and every small part will make the ending result more successful. This is where you come into the picture.



The job
Get the coin noticed and people to talk about it on social medias, forums and blogs. Support the posts you and others make by engage people in discussions, reply them, help, answer and comment them. Follow up and be active.

1. Exchanges sites allowing suggestion of coin and debate.
2. Coin listing sites allowing suggestion of coin and debate.
3. Facebook groups coin related.
4. Twitter coin related.
5. Reddit coin related
6. Telegram coin related.
and many more...



Weekly report
I need a weekly report to evaluate your job and engagement you have done to find a tariff for your payment.

This can be done by sending me the links to where the action was done on a weekly report with your brief comment and status. Alternate you can include screenshot if some places are only visible for members of this place.

I will receive this report every Monday morning and send you the payment directly to your Grailum address within the next 24 hours.

If I have comments or suggestions I will send you an email.



Payment evaluation
Evaluating a job depend on several factors like:
What kind of site,
How many visitors,
How active are the post...

A popular exchanges site with a low Alexa (many users) is of course top priority against a Forum with hardly any visitors or activity.

A Facebook group with cryptocurrency theme and many thousands active members discussing/reply is high priority against a Facebook group with almost no members and no reply on your post.

I think you got the picture by now.

So as the best jobs can cash you out on 1000GXM the lowest job can cash you out on a 10GXM and anything in between.

There are no upper level on how many jobs and how much you can earn. The sources are unlimited and I would love to see you get filthy rich in the near future. After all, the more success you have the more success we have.

When you start is now all up to you. My only word for you is, Go go go!



Do and Don't
It is important that the tone of use is an Ambassador worthy decent and polite. I can not accept or tolerate rude behavior, Dude! words or BS talk.

I hope this enlightened what you need to know. In any case I am available to your questions any time.



John Morrell


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Should I use my referral link?

Absolutely! There is no reason you can not collect referrals same time from all the posting you make.

I will suggest you using the splash page and not the regular referral link in your account. It will look something like this just add your account ID at the end yourIDhere




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