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GXM Exchanges update.

With only 87 days left the negotiations with exchanges are going well and all as planned. 

We now count 4 exchanges confirmed adopting Grailum GXM and 30 very interested exchanges in talk. We follow up on our list of approx 600 currently contacted exchanges and do expect many more to join before the launch date 30th. of June 2019 where all exchanges adopted Grailum GXM will be announced to public.

Follow countdown here





New target list and approach.

We have started contacting script providers for different interest of categories offering integration and help to integrate  Grailum GXM payment and API gateways. Our goal is to get Grailum coin widely in use before entering the large trading exchanges end of this year.

Our target list are now as following:

  • Exchanges sites.
  • Pay processor sites.
  • Gaming sites.
  • Investment sites.
  • Merchant sites.
  • Advertising sites.





Need a new online business?

In a few month we plan to start rebuild a line of free open source scripts and integrate Grailum coin to it. This will be interesting for any who plan to start a new online business in the following categories.

  • Coin Exchanges
  • Coin listing
  • Coin wallet
  • Investment script
  • Advertising script
  • MLM script


We do not create new script of this categories but simple rebuild already good quality open source scripts and update the Grailum to it. All scripts will following be available on our GitHub account for free download and use. We expect this job will take up most of this year and start of 2020.

As always its exiting to be in this business and we expect a lot good to happen in the next two years, specially now when we all can expect a blooming uptrend on the overall cryptocurrency marked and be part of it when it happens.


Best regards,
Grailum Lab Limited
Grailum Limited (UK)


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