What is Grailum coin and what is the coin supply?  


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We get many questions about the Grailum coin price, supply and future. To make it simple we will post this to summarize the most important information. More details can be found on provided links.


Grailum coin

Grailum is build on the original Bitcoin daemon with our own adjustment of functionality as speed of block creation every 30 second, mining reward, reward split and many more.

The blockchain was live 1st of December last year fully operational with Grailum node software to all systems and mining setup. Currently we are now in pre-sale and building up community of users. This has been done last few month with Airdrop offerings, sale and community forum and will continue until end 2nd quarter.

Our main project and largest is to get a functional lighting network node completed and will be last edition to our list of ongoing project.

You will find most information on https://grailumlab.com on it all.

A bit nontraditional is our step to let Grailum become a regular payment processor with a fixed price without the traditional trading exchanges control price on request and demand as is custom step for coins to do. Still its a full running blockchain as no mans owner.

Only when coin marked are mature once again what we expect last this year, the Grailum will be added to the regular trading exchanges.

You can find details on the block explorer on this link with coin supply and current price https://grailum.info/

Some key-point to look forward to.
1st. quarter: Grailum.com become a online Grailum wallet service to send/receive Grailum coins. Coin-sale will still be possible for the low price of 20cents per 1GXM + 50% on top when transferring to you. Coin-sale will stop when Grailum hit the exchanges.

2nd. quarter: Grailum coin will be added to several online exchange services to buy/sell GXM for the set price of 1GXM = 1USD. Currently we are preparing contracts to a few hundred regular processor exchange sites.

3rd.quarter: Grailum coin will be added to leading key exchanges trading sites. Important to notice that from this point, the GXM price will follow the normal regulated marked price set by request and demand.

4th. quarter: Grailum Lightning network nodes will be setup on a testing network.



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iam happy to invest in grailum hope see gxm soon in exchange it is time to earn 

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