Error when try start the wallet  


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09/03/2019 12:29 pm  

Error on startup wallet.

You might find the program can not load data folder and return a error message pop up.


There can be two reasons for this issue.

1. You installed and uninstalled the program but not manually deleted the data folder on same location error point to. If you uninstall the program the data folder contain all blockchain data and your wallet.dat file need to be removed or it will conflict on a new installation.


2. Some part on your computer do not allow access to the data folder. This can be a virus/firewall program restrict the access or settings to allow program to start use as administrator.

For virus program a solution is to ad the rule manually allow the program communicate with data folder.

You can also right click on the startup icon and select Run as Administrator. This will normally allow the communication and overwrite restrictions.





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